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Saturday, 21 January 2017

How To Make A DIY Soap With Just Two Ingredients

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DIY Soaps are so incredibly awesome to make, especially when you have all the soap ingredients necessary to make them! They are easy, simple, organic and very fun to make that it's time well spent. Another great fact about them is that they make great gifts for birthdays, parties, baby showers, weddings and even Christmas.

Thanks to Hannah, we can finally follow this homemade soap recipe that will have us loving this fresh and amazing soap once completed. All she uses to make this soap is just two simple ingredients which are a green tea bag and a bar of clear glycerine soap. 

The first step she takes is cutting the glycerine into a slice and the chopping that slice into small pieces. Then she goes ahead and pops those pieces into a microwave for 30 seconds. Afterwards, she pours the contents of the tea bag into the melted soap and stirs it gently. Lastly, she uses a small round mould to pour the mixture into it and freezes, or you can just leave it out to dry. To avoid getting bubbles in your soap, it is recommend to spray rubbing alcohol onto the mixture.

Pretty simple, right? I'm sure they smell really great and what's even better is the fact that this handmade soap uses green tea which has loads of healthy benefits. I will definitely make this two ingredient soap in the near future. 

This diy soap is also great for beginners, especially to really get you into the soap making addiction. 

Just by watching how Hannah makes this tea soap below has already got me hooked.

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