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Thursday, 12 January 2017

How To Make Butterflies For Your Room Decor

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I've always been obsessed with  butterflies and love having the fake ones in my room. They are super cute and pretty and definitely can make a huge difference when decorating your room. They can add that certain level of awesomeness. Here I will introduce you to a simple tutorial that shows you how to make these pretty hanging butterflies for your room decor. The great thing about this is that you're not restricted to using them in your room only, mum's could even hang them as party decorations for their little kids birthday.

This diy mostly requires paper, glue gun, string and a scissors. The first thing to do is print out a butterfly shape onto the paper, color it in if you'd like. Then cut the shapes out. The next thing is to fold the butterfly in half and then open in so that the fold creates a 3D like shape. Glue the butterflies to a piece of string. A pretty easy paper craft, right?

Watch the tutorial below to see the step by step process for this paper butterflies:

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